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Nicolas Meakins Profile Picture
Nicolas Meakins Profile Picture

Nicolas Meakins

Nic has over 15 years of executive experience in the Luxury Travel industry, creating and refining Hospitality Services at three of the most successful high-end, private vacation-rental companies: Luxury Retreats, TravelKeys and onefinestay.

Having set up and led teams to deliver tens of thousands of flawless vacations, he takes pride in designing and delivering the perfect travel experiences for LuxGive winners.

Passionate about helping others, Nic spent a combined 8 years with NGO's in third world countries, where he was on the frontline helping provide children in India, West Africa and S.America with basic needs such as medicine, food, water, clothes & education.

Our beliefs


Core Values

At the heart of our core values is the underlying principle of being people-centered, showing genuine care and respect to our fellow team members, non-profits and their supporters, resellers, travel partners and the local community.


We commit to providing easy-to-use, unique, high-quality experiences that increase revenues raised by non-profit fundraisers.


Individually and collectively we will be accountable, provide lateral service and ensure customer satisfaction from start to finish.


We will be truthful and act with the highest level of integrity in all that we do for you and your charity.

Through shared roads and passions, we created LuxGive.

We help non-profits and auctioneers raise more money for great causes, and we’re proud of that.

Let’s connect and see how we can help you.

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