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Meet Gift of Adoption Fund

Fundraising events have the power to change lives. And no one knows that better than the families united by Gift of Adoption.

This NPO's recent "Gather for the Gift" gala raised nearly half a million dollars—enough to fund the adoptions of 100 kids across the country.

We spoke with seasoned fundraiser Katie Heaps to find out why events like these matter and how luxury travel helped this NPO 4x their proceeds at auction.

Helping children in vulnerable circumstances find families and thrive.

For Gift of Adoption, family always comes first. 

“We believe that having a loving family is a basic right of children everywhere," says Katie Heaps, the Fund's development advisor in Chicago. “Our mission is to complete the adoptions of children in vulnerable circumstances, giving them permanent families and the chance to thrive."

It's a belief this nonprofit takes to heart. 

“Gift of Adoption is unique in that it is completely non-discriminatory in its grant-making,” explains Heaps. “We award grants without regard to age, race, ethnicity, religion, marital status, or sexual orientation.” 

Since 1996, this nonprofit has awarded over $17.3 million in grants to complete the adoptions of over 5,473 children.

According to Heaps, the grant system “provides a cost-effective way to increase the number of at-risk children adopted each year—employing the tried and true bedrock of families to raise their children out of love and familial duty, rather than a reliance on government, or ongoing acts of charity."

“It’s an upstream investment that minimizes the future need for a wide spectrum of social services and government assistance” she explains. And an act that changes a child's life forever. 

From an empowering performance to a powerful live auction.

Funding these life-changing grants is no small feat.

Gift of Adoption’s Annual Signature Event “Gather for the Gift” is key to raising awareness around the need for financial assistance, particularly when it comes to funding the adoption of children in vulnerable circumstances.

The event brought in some heavy hitters to help, including ambassador and pro race car driver Chloe Chambers and award-winning country musician and former foster youth Jimmy Wayne. 

Held at the Old Post Office in Chicago,  the annual "Gather for the Gift" fundraising gala welcomed 400 guests. Topping off the evening was a moving performance by Wayne, followed by an exciting live auction. 

The LuxGive trips raised over $15,000—enough to unite three more children with loving, permanent families.

“LuxGive provided two wonderful live auction packages that greatly intrigued our guests,” shares Heaps. 

On offer was a picturesque Tuscan villa and a luxury glamping stay in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Each experience sold twice, instantly quadrupling proceeds—a powerful reminder of consignment's ability to multiply funds.

All in all, the trips raised over $15,000—enough to unite three more children with permanent, loving families.

Raising hundreds of thousands for a priceless cause.

The night was a resounding success, raising $410k in total for the nonprofit’s vital programs and services.

"These funds enabled Gift of Adoption to carry out its mission and unite 682 children with loving, permanent families through adoption in 2023," says Heaps.

A gift that’s nothing short of priceless.

Congratulations on the success of your fundraiser, Gift of Adoption ❤️

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