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What is Passport to Paradise?

Passport to Paradise offers your audience a selection of over 15 stunning travel experiences, including some of our best-selling escapes. 

Think of it as the ultimate Winner's Choice: instead of placing multiple trips at auction, just place Passport to Paradise and let donors decide where they want to travel. 

With world-class beach, mountain, European, and domestic destinations, you can appeal to all your donor demographics in one incredible package.

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How Does It Work?

Passport to Paradise is easy for both you and your trip winners. 

Simply place the collection in your live auction, raffle, or silent auction as a Winner's Choice and sell it as many times as you like! Donors bid on the collection rather than a specific experience within it. 

When your winning bidders are ready to redeem their stay, they can choose any of the experiences currently in the collection. In other words, one of your winners could choose a Tuscan escape, while another could opt for Tulum.

What Destinations Are Available?

Our destination experts curate Passport to Paradise to reflect the hottest trends in travel. There are stays for every type of donor, from a sojourn in Bali or St. Barths to glamping in the Grand Canyon

Visit the Passport to Paradise page to see which experiences are currently available.

On event night, potential bidders can scan the QR code located on the Display Board for the most up-to-date experiences.

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What's Included in Each Stay?

Our travel specialists curate each stay to ensure stunning private accommodations and premium guest amenities wherever your donors travel. 

All experiences also come paired with first-class concierge and reservations service to transform your donors' dream trips into a reality.

Depending on the region, some experiences also come with authentic local activities included. Trip winners can browse the available experiences on our website anytime to decide which one appeals most! 

Are the Same Trips Always Available?

Our destination experts update the Passport collection periodically to ensure the included experiences remain current and on-trend.

Each trip winner has up to 12 months to book their dream trip. If they spy an escape they love, they can lock it in right away or wait for new destinations to drop.

While experiences are not guaranteed until booked, there will always be a wide selection of world-class destinations available, and new adventures are always being added.

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How Do I Determine Blackout Dates?

All of our experience pages include blackout dates, information on the home and destination, and stunning photos of each stay.

To view the blackout dates of a specific experience, visit the Passport to Paradise collection and select a trip. Blackout dates are located beneath the experience highlights on the right-hand side of each page.

How to Market this Collection

As with all travel experiences, marketing your items pre-event is key to your fundraiser's success: 

  • Highlight the collection's flexibility and the freedom for bidders to choose their winning experience: "One package, countless destinations. Which paradise will you choose?" or "Choose your dream trip from over 15 stunning destinations worldwide."
  • Send out emails to attendees showcasing the collection using LuxGive's fundraising marketing materials
  • “Tease” the varying locations on your Socials, using beautiful LuxGive social media assets
  • Share LuxGive Instagram Reels relevant to current destinations, like Tuscany, St. Martin, and St. Barths
  • On fundraiser night, showcase the Passport to Paradise video provided by LuxGive for visual impact 
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Benefits of Passport to Paradise


The Passport collection gives your donors the flexibility and personalization to choose their dream trips. They can even wait up to a year for new destinations to drop. 

Giving donors the freedom to travel where they like means you don't have to worry about which experiences to place.

Hottest Travel Trends

Stale auction travel packages suck the life out of any event, and donors can lose interest when you showcase the same destinations year after year. 

The Passport collection keeps up with the latest trends in luxury travel, so your donors will be excited, engaged, and eager to bid.

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Appeal to Everyone

Donors spend thousands on annual travel but will book elsewhere if your offering doesn't appeal to them. That's money left on the table! 

With destinations around the globe and experiences ranging from adventure to culture to laid-back beach getaways, every donor will find something they love. 

VIP Hospitality 

Every trip winner receives dedicated Reservations and Concierge service. From booking accommodation and activities to personalized travel itineraries, your donors will feel like the VIPs they are. 

Give donors an incredible time and they're much more likely to support your cause and come back to your events year after year.  

Take Action

Pulling off a successful fundraising event is time-consuming! We simplify the process by offering your donors over 15 swoon-worthy trips in just one powerful auction item.

Placing Passport to Paradise is easy. Simply speak with a fundraising consultant, showcase the collection at auction, and rake in the proceeds. 

Get started now or tap the chat icon in the bottom right to learn more. 

At LuxGive, we believe in the transformative power of travel. Our mission is to help nonprofits raise more funds at auction through once-in-a-lifetime home and villa experiences.

Our travel experiences feature Premium Guest Services for trip planning and access to an exceptional portfolio of over 1,500 stunning private properties across the world. 

Whether it’s a luxury Caribbean villa, an enchanting Tuscan apartment, or an alpine lodge steps from the powder, we have something for all your clients' needs.

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