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Dress to Impress

When it comes to raffle baskets, first impressions matter. You want your gift baskets to grab your audience’s attention from the get-go.

For the best display, use a beautiful basket that compliments the items inside. You can even think outside the box, like a wine crate for a sommelier-inspired basket or a picnic hamper for a date-themed basket.

For a visually striking basket, arrange items inside with the tallest at the back and finish off with attractive ribbons, tissue, or bows.

Stick to a Theme

Raffle baskets sell best when they have a clear theme and audience. A stand mixer, sports jersey, and premium wine may appeal individually, but together they'll just confuse your donors! 

Before you even start building your baskets, sort donations into clear and distinct gift basket themes. 

Not sure what to put in a raffle basket? Ask yourself if it supports the basket's main idea. A luxe candle helps sell the idea of a spa day but would be out of place in a baking-themed gift basket. 

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Quality Matters

Whether it’s a designer fashion basket or a book lover's basket, good-quality items are key. Just because funds are going to charity, doesn't mean buyers want items from the bargain bin.

Avoid items that look and feel cheap. Professional packaging, good materials, and visually appealing prizes make your raffle basket appear valuable and worth the ticket.

Concerned about costs? Reach out to local businesses or sponsors for donations or showcase risk-free consignment items. 

đź’ˇFundraising Tip:

High quality doesn't need to mean high cost. A children's art basket with Crayola supplies offers great value at a price point that makes sense for school fundraisers.

Be More Social

If you want to sell more raffle tickets, you need to get guests excited about your prizes before the big day.

Use social media and email channels to promote your gift basket raffle in the weeks leading up to the fundraiser. Basket photos should be clear, attractive, and professional—no busy backgrounds or flash! 

Encourage your audience to share the posts or comment on which baskets they'd like to win to increase engagement and reach.

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đź’ˇFundraising Tip: 

Opening early bird raffle ticket sales online can help generate buzz and momentum, especially if buyers are entered to win an exclusive prize.

Center of Attention

No matter how beautiful your raffle baskets are, tickets won’t sell if guests can’t find them! 

Display your baskets in a prominent, accessible, and high-traffic location at your event and use signs or posters to direct donors there. 

Baskets should be easy for donors to browse up close. While you want your prizes to stand out, avoid cluttering the area with too many baskets. Over-crowding distracts buyers and can cause traffic jams. 

If you have a program or event booklet, advertise your raffle there and make announcements throughout the evening reminding guests to buy tickets.

Get Descriptive

Descriptions are a practical way to tell donors what's in each gift basket. But did you know they can actually pique interest and generate desire? 

Instead of simply listing each item, use appealing language to emphasize the basket's value. For example: “Over $200 worth of premium beauty products for the most luxurious spa day at home." 

If your raffle basket features a stand-out item, be sure to highlight it in the description:

“Win a $2,500 trip to Italy for the price of one ticket!” will catch more eyes than  “Taste of Italy Package”.   

Tap into FOMO

How to sell raffle tickets fast? 

FOMO—or "fear of missing out"—is a powerful tool to spur buyers into action.

If you plan to sell basket raffle tickets before the big day, limit the total number of tickets available or set a firm deadline to buy. Then leverage FOMO with language like “tickets are almost gone!” or “just 2 days left to buy!”

You can also create urgency at your benefit event with fundraising games like flash raffles, where donors only get 10 minutes to buy tickets for the chance to win a special prize. 

Bundle Up

Use psychology to encourage more gift basket raffle sales with the "zero-price effect".

Offering bundle deals like "Buy 10 tickets, get 3 FREE" incentivizes donors to spend more for the promise of a freebie.

You can also tap into a bargain mentality by offering "1 ticket for $5, and 3 tickets for $10." Bundling is especially powerful for raffles as it actually increases donors’ chances of winning.

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