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What is a Raffle Basket?

True to their name, raffle baskets feature a collection of themed items beautifully arranged in a basket and raffled off as a fundraising prize. 

Available in all shapes and sizes, raffle baskets can easily be tailored to fit different themes or events, making them an appealing pick for charity galas, local fundraisers, and benefit events.

An easy and effective way to generate revenue, the raffle basket is just the ticket for nonprofits looking for a foolproof way to raise funds. 

Benefits of Raffle Baskets

So what makes the charity raffle basket so popular despite competing against bigger, flashier prizes? Let's dive into the benefits of these tried-and-true auction items.

🛍️ Wide Appeal

Everyone loves a good auction basket, and that's the secret! In place of a highly specific prize, raffle baskets bundle a variety of items anyone can enjoy, from gourmet food to gift certificates. With customizable themes and multiple prizes in each basket, raffle gift baskets easily have your whole demographic covered.

✏️ Easy to Customize

Endlessly versatile, raffle baskets can easily be customized to fit different themes and fundraising events. That means you can tailor the perfect auction basket to your specific audience or cause. This level of personalization is key for connecting with donors and driving more raffle ticket sales.

💸 Cost-Effective 

With low overhead and options for any budget, raffle gift baskets are extremely affordable and cost-effective prizes. Often donated directly, they also drive more ticket revenue straight to your cause. Nonprofits can also bundle smaller donations together to yield a higher return than each item alone.

🔗 Create Connections

Approaching local businesses or sponsors for raffle basket item donations is a powerful way to build relationships and collaboration. Businesses benefit from getting their name and products in front of more eyes while you spread community awareness for your cause.

🎉 Generate Excitement

Raffle baskets are an easy way to generate excitement by combining the elements of anticipation, variety, and surprise. In fact, a big part of the fun is just discovering what's inside! The chance to win multiple prizes in one basket also makes donors feel they’re snagging a great deal, boosting engagement and sales.

List of Best Raffle Basket Ideas

With the benefits of the gift basket in mind, we've put together some of the best raffle basket ideas to maximize donor engagement and giving. Use this list to inspire your own, and remember to tailor your prizes to your specific audience! 

Luxury Raffle Basket Ideas

1. Dream Vacation Basket

Take advantage of fundraising's top-selling item with a travel experience in the Caribbean, Mexico, or Europe, Bundle it with a beach towel, bottle of wine, or other destination-specific prizes and a professionally-designed Winner's Certificate. 

💡Fundraising Tip:

 Don't worry about arranging travel, tickets, and accommodation. Let an experienced auction consignment company deliver a turnkey trip.

2. Wine Lover Basket 

Recreate the winery experience at home with a selection of reds, whites, or rosés. Include glassware, gourmet food pairings, cheese, and a serving board. 

⬆️ Easy Upgrade: Elevate your raffle basket by adding tickets for a wine retreat, tasting, or vineyard tour.

3. Night Out Basket

Treat donors to an elegant night on the town with a hotel or private rental stay. Add in fine dining certificates, a round of cocktails at a trendy bar, and tickets to a concert, show, or night at the casino.

4. Spa Day Basket 

Let donors unwind with luxurious scrubs, soaking salts, body lotions, and facemasks. Don't forget handcrafted bath bombs, candles, and a plush robe for a relaxing experience.

⬆️ Easy Upgrade: Add passes to your local spa or certificates for massages and in-spa treatments.

best raffle basket ideas

5. Craft Cocktail Basket 

A fun night of mixology starts with a selection of top-quality liquors. Bundle it with barware tools, bitters, mixers, and ready-to-make cocktail kits. 

6. Fitness/Wellness Basket:

Staying active is easy with a fitness tracker, yoga mat, wellness app subscription, and accessories like water bottles, workout gear, and resistance bands.

⬆️ Easy Upgrade: Add a set of gym passes or yoga sessions from your local studio.

7. Designer Fashion Basket

Showcase an auction basket of fashion goods like jewelry, clothing accessories, bags, makeup, and gift cards to local boutiques.

8. Gourmet Food Basket 

Always a hit with donors, offer a mouthwatering selection of crackers, jams, tartines, cheese, chocolates, nuts, and more.

9. Sports Basket

For the sports fans, include a raffle basket with signed memorabilia, cards, equipment, posters, and team merch.

⬆️ Easy Upgrade: Get donors in on the action with golf trips, rounds of tennis, or ski passes.

10. Picnic Basket

Everything donors need for a perfect picnic, including wine, gourmet snacks, knives, glasses, and plates. Bonus: it comes in a beautiful picnic basket!

popular basket raffle ideas

11. Animal Lover Basket 

Pamper your beloved fur friends with treats, toys, care supplies, grooming certificates, and even doggy day-care stays.

12. Cookbook Basket 

Those who love to cook will enjoy a basket of fine baking goods or high-quality ingredients, a cookbook, and kitchen accessories.

⬆️ Easy Upgrade: Add cooking class passes or an evening of chef service.

13. Date Night Basket 

Romance is in the air with champagne or wine, a selection of chocolates, restaurant certificates, and more.

14. Outdoor Adventure Basket

Celebrate the great outdoors with camping gear, a s'mores kit, hiking accessories, and passes to national or state parks.

⬆️ Easy Upgrade: Add a stay in a stargazing dome or a glamping experience in America's National Parks.

15. Ticket Bundle Basket 

Got lots of ticket donations? Combine them for the ultimate access pass to concerts, shows, local events, museums, and more.

Easy Raffle Basket Ideas

16. Arts and Craft Basket

Great for kids, this auction basket can include art supplies, DIY craft kits, stickers, paint-by-numbers, canvases, and more. 

⬆️ Easy Upgrade: Add passes for pottery making or paint night at your local art studio.

17. Family Night Basket

Get the family together with board games/video games, popcorn, pizza vouchers, and your favorite snacks.

18. Coffee/Tea Lovers Basket

Entice donors with a selection of gourmet coffee beans or teas, cookies, snack pairings, mugs, and brewing accessories.

gift basket ideas for raffles

19. Book Lovers Basket

For the avid reader, offer a selection of bestsellers, bookmarks, reading socks, candles, and a cozy blanket.

20. Holiday-Themed Basket

Arrange a special basket for the season. Think cookies, candy canes and hot chocolate for Christmas or candy eggs, chocolate, and a bunny plush for Easter.

21. School-Spirit Basket

Popular with school fundraisers, this can include a prime parking spot, front-row seats to a play or sports event, school merch, and principal for a day.

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