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What is the Golden Ticket?

When it comes to fundraising, there’s no shortage of creative raffle prize ideas to incentivize giving. But what if you could make the game itself even more impactful? 

Introducing the Golden Ticket. 

Just like a classic raffle, donors buy tickets for their chance to win a prize. 

But here’s the catch: 

Instead of smaller items like gift baskets up for grabs, the Golden Ticket promises one lucky winner a single showstopping prize, like this luxury villa vacation:

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How Does It Work?

A Golden Ticket is run much like an ordinary raffle and can be summed up in 4 simple steps: 

1. Sell Your Tickets

Due to the incredible prize value, Golden Tickets should be priced higher than regular raffle tickets at $50 or $100 each. A higher price point means you should sell the majority of tickets before your benefit auction. That way, you have enough time to promote the event and won't fall short of your fundraising goal.

2. Promote the Event 

Drive up donor interest and excitement by promoting your raffle event via email and social channels leading up to the big day. Highlighting your jaw-dropping prize is crucial for boosting ticket sales, which is why our luxury travel packages for auction are always accompanied by high-quality marketing materials.

3. Host the Game 

Like a raffle, you’ll want to hold your Golden Ticket live when most donors are present. Slotting your raffle after the live auction is a clever way to ensure donors stay and participate until the very end of your event. An alternative? Use the Golden Ticket to energize the crowd before any bidding. Whatever you decide, be sure to build anticipation by reminding guests of the draw throughout the night. 

4. Draw Your Winner

Drumroll, please! When it comes to the raffle draw, you’ll want to make it worth the wait. Sure, you can pick a number from a hat - but why not get creative with this fundraising idea? Consider a dramatic reveal, like hiding the Golden Ticket under the winner’s seat or having your auctioneer toss the entries into the air and catch the lucky one.   

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I Can Raise How Much?

With the basics covered, let’s talk about the real draw of the Golden Ticket: raising $10,000 in a single raffle!

While it sounds extraordinary, the premise is simple: sell 100 tickets at $100 each and you’ve reached your fundraising goal. With most benefit galas attracting between 250 - 1000 attendees, this target is well within reach. 

Simple Pricing Formula

If you aren't working with a donation, you'll need to factor the cost of the prize into your equation. Use this simple formula to determine how many tickets you'll need to sell. 

(Fundraising Goal + Price of Prize Item) ÷ Ticket Price = Number of Tickets to Sell 

In Action: 

$10,000 goal + $5,000 raffle prize ÷ $100 ticket price = 150 tickets to sell 

$5,000 goal + $2,500 raffle prize ÷ $50 ticket price = 150 tickets to sell

TIP: If the number of tickets to sell is unreasonable for your event size, simply tweak your raffle pricing.  

The Sweet Spot 

To maintain the event's prestige, we recommend pricing tickets no lower than $40. Some auctions also limit the number of tickets available to create urgency and exclusivity around the event. 

It's up to you whether guests can purchase multiple entries or just one each. If you opt for multiples, bundling tickets is a simple yet powerful way to reach your fundraising goals even faster. 

 Example: 1 ticket for $50 or 5 tickets for $200

Raffle Prize Ideas

The key to a successful Golden Ticket is offering the perfect prize. You’ll want to showcase: 

  1. A highly desirable yet exclusive item
  2. An item you can easily promote online 
  3. An item that’s affordable and easy to procure

With stunning imagery and universal appeal, luxury travel experiences hit all the right notes. They’re also easy to market to your audience while maintaining exclusivity and prestige. 

With risk-free consignment options and a vast portfolio of luxury travel experiences, it’s as simple as browsing and picking the perfect package.

Ideas to Inspire: 

Not sure which luxury travel package would perform best at your Golden Ticket raffle? Get inspired with some of our trip winner’s favorite experiences: 

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Why Host a Golden Ticket

Incredible Value 

How much would you pay for a luxury villa in St. Martin? How about one with a private infinity pool and chef service included? Chances are your vacation would rack up a hefty charge. 

Golden Tickets are irresistible to donors because they know a fifty-dollar bill is a steal for a getaway of this caliber. 

With a modest no-risk reserve price, dedicated concierge and reservations included, and the power to raise $10k, nonprofits also benefit big from the Golden Ticket’s extraordinary value.  

Raise More With Less

We’ve established that the Golden Ticket can raise significantly more funds than your classic raffle. But did you know they outperform silent auctions too? 

The data from our fundraising packages show raffles raise a staggering 14x more funds than silent auctions! 

Remember, a silent auction only nets funds from winning bids. With a Golden Ticket, every single donor contributes to your cause, regardless of whether they win.  

More Flexibility

When it comes to the coveted live auction, slots are limited. A Golden Ticket Raffle adds flexibility to your benefit auction by offering yet another opportunity to raise funds from a high-ticket item. 

With average Golden Ticket proceeds ranging from $5,000 to $20,000, this unique raffle idea can even outperform live bidding. 

Plus, your trip winners have the flexibility to change or upgrade their stays from our network of over 1500 luxury homes worldwide

Drive Up Engagement

Live auctions often steal the spotlight as the evening's most anticipated event. But with only a few donors bidding for each item, you risk the rest of your supporters tuning out. 

A Golden Ticket strikes the perfect balance by energizing hundreds of supporters at once. This level of engagement is crucial for incentivizing giving and guaranteeing attendees leave entertained. When donors have a great time, you're more likely to retain them long-term and build a positive NPO image. 

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Is the Golden Ticket Right for Me?

At $50 to $100 an entry, the Golden Ticket raffle works best for galas of 250+. But smaller events with a higher profile clientele are also a great match. 

Every event is unique, which is why our fundraising consultants work with you one-on-one to evaluate your auction needs and pair you with the right fundraising solution.

Connect with an expert today to find the best travel package for your raffle or learn more about how the Golden Ticket can supercharge your benefit event!

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