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St. Barths: A Snapshot

If the French invented laid-back luxury, then St. Barths perfected it. 

Known as the Caribbean’s St. Tropez, this lush island paradise has long been the preferred playground of the rich and carefree. A must-stop on glitterati travel circuits, its shimmering shores regularly play host to A-listers, tech magnates, and royals.

But St. Barthélémy is so much more than its exclusive reputation. 

With some of the Leeward’s most pristine beaches, a world-class shopping and dining scene, and a distinctly French allure, donors will discover a laissez-faire sophistication impossible to experience anywhere else. 

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“An approximation of Elysium, a place that is geographically paradisiacal, filled with stylish and rigorously exacting hotels and restaurants, but where an inclusive and renegade spirit suffuses every corner.” 

- Vassi Chamberlain, Contributing Editor at British Vogue

Key Destination Info


Kissed by the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, St. Barths can be found at the heart of the Caribbean’s Leeward Islands.  

Only 10 square miles, this French overseas territory covers plenty of ground. Its glittering coasts and seductive hills give way to snow-white sands and bathwater-clear pools, as well as rocky windswept shores reminiscent of Big Sur.

With one of the world's tiniest airports servicing local flights only, visitors to this exclusive island prefer to arrive by boat – whether by superyacht or local ferry from neighboring St. Martin 20 miles away. 

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When to Visit

With average temperatures ranging from 84° F – 90° F, St. Barths promises an enticing stay year-round. 

The dry season of December to April all but guarantees donors uninterrupted days of sunshine but comes with bigger crowds. 

Those looking for a more low-key island experience are best to visit between May to November. Tropical storms are possible during this period but are intense and fleeting. 

Christmas and New Year's mark St. Barths’ peak season, when the tiny island swells with superyachts and celebrities. Donors looking to travel during this period will need a sizeable budget and to book a year in advance.

gustavia port st. barths


From its Michelin-star restaurants to its glamourous fashion boutiques, St. Barths is undeniably French. 

In fact, visitors to the port of Gustavia would be forgiven for thinking they’d disembarked in the French Riviera. 

But its culture is also distinctly its own. 

A love of life’s finer things is balanced by an easy-going island pace, an emphasis on authenticity, and a connection to the island’s natural beauty. It’s what keeps St. Barths refreshingly free of cruise ships, hotel chains, and commercial brands.

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“Stylish, but never stuck up, St Barths gives a very elegant style to the Caribbean, but it is not fancy. There is no artifice… It is always glamorous, but in a natural way.”

 - Antoine Verglas, Legendary Fashion Photographer

What Donors Will Love

Blissful Beaches

The secret to St. Barths’ seduction lies in its 22 iconic beaches, each with its own unique identity and allure. 

Minutes from the heart of Gustavia and lined with upscale beach bars, St. Jean is the beach to see and be seen.

Meanwhile, donors seeking the quintessential Caribbean experience will be at home by the fine white sands and aquamarine waters of Gouverneur beach or Grand Cul de Sac. 

But it’s those who stray off the beaten path who are best rewarded. Saline’s oft-deserted powdery sands and shocking turquoise waters are hidden by protected marshlands, while Colombier’s secluded shores are accessible only by hike or boat.

st. jean beach st. barths
best beaches st. barths
gouverneur beach st. barths

Luxury Shopping

St. Barths’ duty-free status makes it a mecca for luxury goods and donors looking to cash in on designer fashion for less. 

Gustavia’s palm-shaded Quai de la Republique is lined with designer boutiques of the likes of Dior, Hermès, Bulgari, and Cartier (to list anymore would be boasting). 

A penchant for fine fashion is also found in the large collection of high-end, independent boutiques. Donors can stroll and browse for luxury swimwear, clothing, and accessories by local fashion designers. 

designer fashion st. barths

Dining and Nightlife

Fine dining is an art on the island, thanks to its French roots, Caribbean influences, and many Michelin-star restaurants. 

Donors visiting in November can savor the world-class St. Barths Gourmet Festival, where some of the world’s most prestigious chefs gather to showcase their culinary expertise. 

Visitors looking for a little sizzle won't want to miss the island’s vibrant nightlife, with many restaurants transforming into late-night cocktail spots  – from Moulin Rouge-inspired haunts to the barefoot luxury of bohemian beach bars. 

best restaurants in st. barths
st. barths gourrmet festival
nightlife in st. barths

Why Choose a St. Barths Package?

Appeal to Bigger Donors

Choosing the right auction travel package is all about knowing your audience. 

St. Barths is one destination whose reputation precedes it. Synonymous with luxury, this travel experience appeals to high-tier donors and elite travelers alike.

That makes it ideal for live auctions, big galas, or prestigious events whose audience will easily spend over $10k on their annual vacation

With LuxGive St. Barths experiences starting at $2150, this destination can also serve as the showstopping centerpiece for smaller but higher-end auctions such as a Golden Ticket raffle or upscale silent auction.

Elite Accommodation 

With a guest list ranging from Bezos to Beyoncé, elite accommodation is a must on St. Barths. 

The more exclusive visitors will retreat to the island’s impressive collection of 800 luxury villas, ranging from contemporary Caribbean luxury to boutique boltholes.

Tucked away in the emerald hills, these homes promise St. Barths at its best: private, secluded, with breathtaking panoramic views that the island’s hotels just can’t provide. 

Of course, there’s no shortage of 5-star amenities to fill your donors’ days. Private oceanview pools, in-villa entertainment, and gourmet chef service mean donors can relax how and when they want without having to share their stay with strangers.

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luxury private villa st. barths
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VIP Service

An island this distinguished requires a level of service to match. 

LuxGive's St. Barths vacation packages come with world-class hospitality service that starts the moment donors win their trips. 

Our dedicated concierge team works with guests one-on-one to reserve accommodation, arrange any upgrades, and design personalized travel itineraries for each stay. 

They'll even arrange every on-island detail, from reservations at the hottest restaurants to bespoke picnic lunches on the beach. 

Private accommodation also allows for premier in-villa services, such as spa-worthy massages and gourmet chef service, while homes come standard with daily housekeeping. 

Best Package Additions

Pairing trips with exceptional local experiences is a powerful way to drive bidding on your auction travel packages. Raise more funds than a simple stay alone with bespoke island activities fully customizable to your event or donors.

Private Charter

Sailing is at the soul of St. Barths and no stay on the island would be complete without time spent on the water. 

Donors can while away the hours on the tantalizing blue-green sea while sipping cocktails or snorkeling the vibrant reefs below. A day charter is also ideal for effortlessly hopping St. Barths' many beaches – the key to the island's laid-back lifestyle. 

Surrounded by neighboring islands, donors can also set sail for a day trip to St. Martin or Anguilla.  

private boat charter st. barths

In-Villa Indulgence 

While the island's restaurants are a must, an evening of five-star dining prepared in-villa takes luxury to the next level. With private chef service, donors can savor a truly personalized dining experience set against the most beautiful backdrop: their St. Barths villa.

For days when donors just want to unwind, in-villa massages and spa treatments are the preferred way to indulge. Donors can gaze out at the mesmerizing ocean in complete and total tranquility while caressed by the sea breeze. 

For nonprofits, in-villa experiences are an easy and high-impact way to upgrade any auction travel package and drive more bidding than a trip alone. 

luxury villa amenities

Helicopter Day-Trip

The sky really is the limit on St. Barths with a private helicopter trip to whisk donors away to St. Martin or Anguilla for a day.

Donors can even hop a flight straight to St. Martin's Loterie Farm, a former sugar plantation turned lush nature reserve and a favorite poolside hangout of celebs.

For nature lovers, a heli trip to the volcanic island of Saba promises a day of adventure amidst untouched Caribbean beauty. Dive dramatic reefs and underwater mountains, hike ancient jungle trails, or snorkel alongside wild turtles.

private helicopter ride st. barths

St Barths Regatta

Each March, Gustavia’s glittering harbor transforms into “the world’s greatest floating catwalk” as it welcomes the prestigious St. Barths Bucket Regatta. 

Visitors from around the globe gather to admire the world’s finest racing yachts in a breathtaking, breakneck race through the waves.   

The best way to take in the show is by private villa in Gustavia, Pointe Milou, Colombier, Toiny, or Flamands. Hillside locations give donors sweeping and uninterrupted front-row seats, so they won't miss a moment of the action. 

st. barths bucket regatta

St. Barths Auction Item Ideas

Placing a St. Barths vacation auction package is simple and risk-free. Our fundraising consultants work with your nonprofit one-on-one to assess your event needs and provide high-impact marketing materials to accelerate your fundraising. 

Browse a selection of St. Barths auction item ideas to get inspired or connect with a fundraising consultant to learn more. 

St. Barths Hideaway

Embrace the luxury of relaxation with a stay in a modern villa nestled in the hills, with private pool, fitness room, and open-air terrace.

best nonprofit auction item ideas

Gustavia Vistas

Lose yourself in endless turquoise views with a stay in a luxurious St. Barths villa with private infinity pool and breathtaking vistas of Gustavia harbor.

vacation package for auction

St. Barths Chic

East meets West in a Balinese-style villa perched over the sea, with a private plunge pool and luxury catamaran charter included.

charity auction package

At LuxGive, we believe in the transformative power of travel. Our mission is to help nonprofits raise more funds at auction through once-in-a-lifetime home and villa experiences.

Our travel experiences feature Premium Guest Services for trip planning and access to an exceptional portfolio of over 1,500 stunning private properties across the world. 

Whether it’s a luxury Caribbean villa, an enchanting Tuscan apartment, or an alpine lodge steps from the powder, we have something for all your clients' needs.

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